Welcome NRA Exhibitor!

In these times it is difficult to say just

what the attendance will be in 2021.

There may not be an in person show at all.


Of course we hope this is not the case!

In either event, whether the show goes on in

person or online, think about  boosting

your presence with the show with us, 

in Food Fair Magazine.

Below are a few very good reasons why

we believe this is a good idea.

Food Fair has been exhibiting and distributing at the NRA show
continuously since 2005. We are located in the South Hall, exhibit 1460
where printed buyer's guides are handed out.
In response to Covid-19 and the possibility of many not attending
NRA in 2021, and again, we hope this is not the case at all,
we are making serious inroads to reaching attendees and 
potential attendees electronically. 
1.    First: 
Social media. We do currently utilize Twitter
and Facebook and in conjunction with these, we will be
moving strongly to Instagram in 2021. 
We know many in the food industry will be there more and more,
especially chefs and their followers. All three channels will be 
posted to simultaneously year round including pre-show and 
importantly, at-show with 50 second video shorts that will run in the "Instagram
2.   Second:
Introducing a new digital magazine publishing platform offering dynamic
data tracking and publishing tools.
a. Page specific readership tracking.
Many of our marketers have requested the
ability to track reader behavior within the digital publication.
Our new digital publishing platform now allows us to  
accomplish this with the power of Google Analytics
within the magazine on a page by page basis.
This page specific data includes:
#visitor count per page
#time spent on page
#reader geographic location
#date of page visit
#digital platform used by visitor. Mobile or desktop, windows or mac.
This is invaluable information to help you gauge the efficacy of how your
marketing dollar is spent and how to better adjust your messaging.

b. Article by article independent formatting for
social media distribution and mobile consumption. 
Our new magazine platform allows published articles
to be reformatted to increase magazine interaction
for viewing on small screens and importantly, 
for  social media wall placements and easy sharing.
The end result is the reader does not 
have to navigate a magazine on a smaller screen with "pinching 
and pulling" a screen to view.  
For the social media space the magazine will have a growing audience 
because of convenience. These reformatted articles will finally allow for 
magazine consumption without having to open the magazine 
on a smaller screen, as well as not needing to open a webpage to read. 
The option to open the 'regular" magazine is always readily available.
Designed for social media posting, this format outperforms all other means
of article sharing.
All of this makes Food Fair Magazine - NRA Show Buyer's Guide Issue
a stand out in the global digital publishing space and on the ground in 
real time at the NRA Show. 
Please reach out for a conversation with either myself, Chris Gudenzi 
or a member of our team.
or calling directly: 702-808-0209
Thanks for your time.
Christopher Gudenzi
Editor & Publisher



Application of Food Fair "Story" 

magazine to mobile/social. 

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