due to the cancellation of the

NRA show, all marketing  

placed with Food fair will be 

honored in the 2021 nra show buyer's guide issue. 


The pricing schedule represents 2 tiers, one is print & eEdition marketing

and the other option is for eEdition only.

50% is discounted for the eEdition only tier.


Our 17th  Year Exhibiting

at NRA.

We Love the Show!

These plans do not auto renew. For premium positions: Front Cover Banners, C2, C4 Covers, Bellybands,  inserts and digital magazine sponsorships, please contact us at media@foodfairmag.com

Print deadline: for space reservation is April 12

Print deadline: for materials is April 17

eEdition deadline: for space reservation is May 1 

eEdition deadline: for space reservation is May 6

Please see bottom of page for mechanical requirements and relevant details. 

For any questions please contact media@foodfairmag.com or use the chat option on bottom of page.

business focus

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Business Focus spread. Your purchase of this includes a leaderboard Banner ad onsite with telephone or video interview if desired. 


super showcase


Showcase advertising includes website press, a site button ad linking to your site and a podcast interview. 

Editorial Calendar under construction.
FoodFair: noun 
 1. An indispensable resource
used to help buyers through
the NRA pre-show
planning process.
2. A home for your brand
throughout the year reaching thousands of food humans. 
64% of buyers plan ahead. 
(NRA Survey)  
Reach them at the office
during their planning.
We'll give them a
magazine at the show too.

Food Fair NRA Show Buyer's Guide in print and electronic, reaches your buyers 1, 2 and 3 weeks before the show, in the midst of their planning. Get on their daily schedules!

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Garfield 2.jpg

The amazing Garfield, a British Shorthair, is found quite often just sleeping on his back in the middle of deadline production.

We think it keeps everything under control. 


Print deadline: for space reservation is April  24

Print deadline: for materials is April  26

eEdition deadline: for space reservation is May  5 

eEdition deadline: for materials is May 8

Distribution & Circulation

Food Fair Magazine
2020  NRA Show Issue Circulation: 
5,000 US Restaurant Addresses 
Recipients: NRA attending restaurant operators, Chefs, chain store purchasing agents, caterers, new restaurant opens, select hotels and airlines.
Addresses obtained from the NRA show directly each year to ensure a current attendee readership. 
500 to the trade
Select non-NRA show sanctioned hotel lobbies in the Chicago Loop district. 
From Show floor exhibit in South Hall #1346
NRA Show (National Rest. Association) 
**Discontinued since 2016 was show shuttle stop distribution. This was replaced with the pre-show mailing above due to superior 
reader/buyer penetration. ** 
>33,850 email recipients 
List consists of NRA attending operators,  including chain stores, distributors and new restaurant opens, caterers, hotels. 
List development is from:
  • website and at show subscriptions
  • the most recent NRA show database direct from the show.
  • Independent firm of Restaurant Activity Report
>13,000 LinkedIn Food Fair network members are exposed to the special Buyer's Guide issue.
Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and all new for 2020: "The Food Fair Social" Podcast. 
Our Premiere NRA Show Issue
May 21, 2005 
Formerly Foodservice Daily News, now Food Fair Magazine

Mechanical Specifications

  • Publication Trim   9" x 13"            (22.86cm x 33.02cm)

  • Live Area  8.75  X 12.75 (22.225cm x 32.385cm)

  • Bleed  9.25 X 13.25           (23.495cm x 33.655cm)

  • Half Page

  • Live Area 8.75 x 6.85         (22.225cm x 17.399cm)

  • Bleed 9.25 x 6.85         (23.495cm x 17.399)

  • Quarter Page

  • Live Area 4.25” wide by 6.5”  (10.795cm x 16.51cm)

Please submit print ready files as CMYK PDF with crop marks.

For editorial submissions use a stand alone word doc for text with separate and content labeled high res jpegs at least 6" in diameter.


For eEdition advertisers not running in print, we can accept the same files though no crop marks required.  

Website Advertising

  • Leaderboard Banner runs all pages top in slider. no GIF       1,300 x 247 px 

  •  Mini Banner - GIF ok.                           425 x 100 px

  •  Button - GIF ok                                           125 x 125 px


For Website: PNG or JPG

no pdf please.

If you are a Showcase or Super Showcase advertiser you do not need to format an ad.

We simply require the product image(s), 50-70 words text with booth number and logo.

If you would like for us to build your ad, we can do this for a flat rate of $200 and it is yours to republish.

Please give us a shout

at media@foodfairmag.com

for assistance!

For any questions please contact media@foodfairmag.com for a prompt reply. 
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