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Food Fair Magazine's

2020 NRA Show

Buyer's Guide


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Hello and welcome to Food Fair Magazine's NRA Show Buyer's Guide Business Focus media page. 

Below is an outline of our popular Business Focus Program. 

This plan offers high visibility and the opportunity to run video  in addition to having an over the phone interview with the editor if desired.

It includes several more items with are outlined below. 

Premium Full page ad locations for the Buyer's Guide issue are reserving quickly. 

Front page lower banner advertising is being made available this year. Please inquire if interested. 

Back page and inside front cover are reserved


Double Page Business Focus Spread. Use this to speak with the editor about your business in a telephone interview and present your latest product offerings. Place one or several videos within the spread.

This is great tool for your sales team as well.     

Click on above image to open spread in magazine.

Website: Top Page Banner Ad Slider

Location is on the home page.

Click image to open home page with slider.

Included deliverables with Business Focus Program

Business Focus Feature
Double Page spread
18”w x 13”h


Full Page Ad
9” w x 13”h gloss color


Telephone interview  with
Editor or Q & A by email.


Showcase listing


Website Leaderboard Banner Ad 
3 months leading to NRA

Logo Placement on 
Food Fair Partner Page

Dedicated company page on site.

6 Website Press Releases
(runs home page spotlight section 1 wk ea)

12 Newsletter AD Placements 
(we run your website button ad)

1 Dedicated Pre-Show Newsletter

12 Social Media Posts

Podcast interview in 
  The Food Social
  with Food Fair Magazine
  (Launching in April 2020. )



Please contact the publisher with any questions and to discuss program details and options that best fit your specific needs. 


Link to site media kit and purchase options:


email the publisher: chris@foodfairmag.com

direct line: 720-808-0209

We know serious buyers plan their show meetings before leaving the office. They know what their restaurant or catering business needs are, make a plan and largely stick to it.
(65% of attending buyers plan the show ahead. 
-NRA 2012 attendee survey